Lead Pilots

The Following are our Lead Ferry Pilots

Dusty PhotoHoward “Dusty” Spain

Dusty Retired from TWA as the Fleet Manager L-1011/B757/B767 and was an International Check airman on the L-1011/B757/B767.  He was also a FAA APD on the L-1011 and B757/B767. He is current PIC on the  B747-400, B757/B767, B737, A320, and SIC current on the A-330 and MD80.  He has been with FlyFast Aviation for 4 years.  Dusty is in charge of RVSM / RNP and International Ops training for FlyFast Aviation.



Jeff BryantJeff Bryant

Jeff started his aviation career giving glider rides almost 30 years ago.  Today he brings his experience as an international Airbus Check Airman and 14 years as a Ferry and Demonstration pilot to FlyFast Aviation.  Jeff maintains PIC currency on A320, A330, B737, B747-400 and CE-650 aircraft and is our Chief narrowbody Airbus pilot.  He has worked for FlyFast Aviation for 3 years.



Eagle cockpit copyRoy Palmer

Roy is a retired Lockheed and Boeing Test pilot.  He is rated on the B-737, B-747-4, B-757, B-767, B-777, L-1011 and N265 and has logged over 12,000 hours of total flight time.  He is a Fellow in the Society of Experimental Test Pilots, and is a Part 25 DER Test Pilot.  He is an avid acrobatic pilot in his spare time,  He has been with FlyFast Avation for over 8 years, and works closely with Jim on several ODAs as a Unit Member.


IMG_2067 copyWillard “Van” VanWormer

Van began at TWA in 1965 where he flew the DC-9, MD80, 727, 767, 757, 747 and L1011 until 2004.  For TWA, in addition to being a line pilot, he was a Simulator Instructor, Flight Manager and Line Training Captain on the DC-9, MD80, 727, 767, 757, 747 and L1011 for both international and domestic operations.   In 2016 he was awarded the FAA’s Master Pilot and Master Mechanic awards.  Van does 757 and 767 ferry and FCF flights and has been with FlyFast Aviation for a year.  He owns several classic airplanes, including a Stearman.



Brent Hedgpeth

Brent is the former Chief Production Test Pilot for the Boeing Company.  Rated on the B-737, B-747, B747-400, B-757, B-767, B-777 and B-787.  Brent is a Part 23 and Part 25 Airplane Test Pilot as well as a Part 27 and Part 29 DER Helicopter Test Pilot.  He is an Associate Fellow of the Society of Experimental Test Pilots.  Brent has worked with FlyFast Aviation for over 10 years.



FullSizeRenderAndy Throckmorton

Andy brings a unique set of skills to us in the helicopter arena with a long and diverse background in civilian aviation. He began his career as an Air Force fighter Crew Chief/Mechanic.  Andy has over 11000 hours of flight time.   In his past, he has served as a pilot/mechanic in the utility sector, both the ENG and EMS industries, as a corporate pilot/mechanic in various locations around the country and as an Airbus Helicopter factory Maintenance Test Pilot and Instructor. He is currently a Training Captain/Check Airman for a large US based helicopter company.  Andy now covers Helicopter Ferry flights for Mmo Aviation and has worked for Mmo for a year