Jim’s Biography

Jim graduated from the University of Colorado at Boulder with a Bachelor and Masters degree in Aerospace Engineering in 1989. After college he worked for the Boeing company, first as a wing designer, and then for 4 years as a Flight Test Engineer. He was a test director on the #2 B-777 during the initial FAA type certification.  In 1995 he left Boeing to join Gulfstream Aerospace, where he was the lead test director on the #2 G-V for its initial FAA type certification. He then moved to Greece, and flew a private VVIP G-III around the word. The desire to get back to the Pacific Northwest led his return to Boeing in 1998, as an executive pilot, and then part time as a 737 production pilot.  He has worked as a contract pilot on a variety of VVIP airliner and other business jets, and has experience operating on every continent.  He started FlyFast Aviation, Inc, providing piloting services in 1998, and merged that into MMO Aviation Services, Inc, in 2011 to incorporate  Jana’s engineering expertise and her team of consultants.  He has personally performed every type of engineering test piloting in transport category aircraft, and has been involved in hundreds of FAA STC Programs.  He is currently one of only 14 Flight Test Pilot DERs in the country that is dual rated and delegated in both aircraft and helicopters.